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Highly cultivated currently operates 4 Tier II greenhouse-cultivated exotic flowers for sale to the cannabis community. Sun-grown cannabis utilizes a full light spectrum, as the cannabis evolved for millions of years to take full advantage of, unlike limited spectrum bulbs. The sun's spectrum allows for producing a maximized terpene potential of the flower.

"Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction."

This leads to a better taste, greater medicinal properties, and less intrusive impact on the environment. Highly cultivated's genetic selection is constantly updated, only producing the newest crosses available on the market, as well as breeding their own phenotype. Just like the evolution of technology and cultural tastes, Highly cultivated believes in the evolving taste and terpene profile of cannabis, and is dedicated to providing the most unique experience possible to its clients. 


Highly Cultivated's vision for the future is to vertically integrate a number of conveniently located dispensaries across Oregon, and the rest of the nation, as we see the continued liberalization of the cannabis movement. This will include home deliveries, as well as nursery services offering clones and seeds of a vast array of options, aimed specifically towards terpene and psychoactive profiles preferred by the prospective cultivator.

A processing lab will soon open as well, to produce solvent-less consumable solutions for a health-oriented modern society. A concerted effort will be to isolate specific terpenes to be used as additives to concentrates, as the medical field's discoveries of their medicinal properties come to light. 


Highly Cultivated's mission is to provide cutting edge Exotic genetic phenotypes, carefully selected for THC content, strong terpene profile, tight structure and trichome development, and the absolute best bag appeal that resonates with today's connoisseur market. 


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